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Have a cake, eat a cake (how to)

The UK government and BoE is in trouble. The growth is lumpy, and the government is hoping that the -0.5% Q4 result was due to the snow (I liked the snow! Few more years like this, and Brits may finally … Continue reading

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Resurfacing exchanges

One of the solutions proposed to the “derivatives problem” since the crisis was to move them to exchanges. It is still something that surfaces now and then, but less and less often. I will admit that I disliked this solution … Continue reading

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Housing benefits – helping the poor or the rich?

What would people do if the politics was really boring? Maybe something useful. Like playing rugby, sailing, or farming (New Zealand has an exceedingly boring politics). No such luck here in the UK. About a month ago, one of the … Continue reading

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Why education should be elite

We get told how everyone should strive for education, we should educate ourselves, and how going to university is going to change our lives. Well, yes.. Sort of. Often in unexpected ways (see Karen Owen for most recent example). There … Continue reading

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I’m pissed off. Fed is taking MY role. I do Unreasonable Responses here, not Ben! Maybe I’d charge them for the IP. Although, on second thought, Fed is doing what it has been doing for quite a while now, so … Continue reading

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Politics & innovation

One of the major places where internal innovators fail is company politics. I lost count of how many things never got to see light of the world because they didn’t fit with someone’s career goals. On the other hand, I … Continue reading

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Now that I rubbished the revolutionary approach, is there anything I can offer? I hope there is. Take small steps and see whether they work. Innovation in small steps? How can that work? Isn’t it entirely against what innovation is … Continue reading

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Innovation and revolutions

Innovation, especially innovation in larger companies, has been on my mind for quite a while. It’s like true love, everyone talks about it, but only few have really seen it. It maybe so in more than one aspect, as those … Continue reading

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